Under the Skin: naked Scarlett, really weird, recommended for: viewers looking to get all xenophilic and be weird
They Came Together: so meta, too much, recommended for: viewers looking for a rom-com satire, fans of Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: actually liked it, so sad (you know which part), good fun, recommended for: viewers who like Spider-Man
Guardians of the Galaxy: best! CAN’T STOP THE FEELS, recommended for: everyone
Chef: good, nice cameos, made me hungry, kinda inspired me to cook more, recommended for: viewers looking for a heart-warming film and those looking to be really hungry for a couple of hours
Batman Assault on Arkham: pretty good, mature theme, more Suicide Squad please, recommended for: Batman fans
Godzilla: decent, fun, recommended for: monster fight fans
22 Jump Street: funny, good follow-up, recommended for: viewers looking for easy laughs
Lucy: decent, interesting concept, recommended for: no one, really
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: really good, surprised, actually excited for the next one, recommended for: fans of the first one
Happy Christmas: YES, love it, recommended for: viewers looking for a thoughtful, heart-warming film to make them feel better about their own lives
Boyhood: really long, great concept, good nostalgia, not as interesting/deep as I thought, recommended for: those who have 3 hours of free time
The Fault In Our Stars: did not cry, good adaptation, recommended for: viewers who want to realize they’re actually heartless because they didn’t cry, viewers who enjoyed the book, teenagers
Begin Again: love it, music was great, recommended for: music lovers